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$ 0.0244309597 USD
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$ 18.6 M
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IGNIS 13.25 M ($ 323,640.414)
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$ 0.0235754008 / $ 0.0251914565
Total Coins
$ 761.14 M
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IGNIS 11,000.000 ( $ 268.741) / StocksExchange
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The advanced features and functionality available on the time-tested Nxt blockchain were implemented on the public and permissionless Ignis child chain. Anyone can launch dApps and services using the 250+ APIs available on Ignis for features such as issuing and trading digital assets on the built-in decentralized exchange, launching voting systems, and leveraging distributed cloud storage. The potential use cases of these features are further expanded by new offerings such as lightweight contracts, account and asset controls, and composite phased transactions.

Ignis transactions are “bundled” and validated by the Ardor parent chain’s proof of stake consensus. Bundlers can be run by anyone and they are nodes that collect transaction fees in the native child chain token, IGNIS, while paying with ARDR tokens to send the child chain transactions for validation on the parent chain. Five custom bundler templates are built-in to the platform to enable app and service owners to sponsor the transaction fees for only their intended end-users, eliminating the need for users to directly interface with the blockchain.